Agronomy Location Manager

  • Agricruit
  • Terre Haute, IN, USA
  • Apr 14, 2024
Full-time Agronomy Executive Management

Job Description

  1. Oversee all aspects of agronomy operations at the location, including sales, service, product distribution, and customer relations.
  2. Develop and implement sales strategies to achieve revenue targets and grow market share for agronomy products and services, including fertilizers, pesticides, seed, and crop consulting.
  3. Lead and mentor a team of agronomy sales representatives, applicators, and support staff, providing guidance, training, and performance feedback to ensure team success.
  4. Build and maintain strong relationships with customers, including farmers, agricultural producers, and cooperatives, to understand their needs, address concerns, and provide value-added solutions.
  5. Collaborate with agronomy suppliers and vendors to source quality products, negotiate pricing and terms, and ensure timely delivery to meet customer demand.
  6. Monitor inventory levels, product quality, and pricing competitiveness to optimize inventory management, minimize carrying costs, and maximize profitability.
  7. Develop agronomic recommendations and treatment plans for customers, leveraging expertise in soil fertility, crop nutrition, pest management, and agronomic best practices.
  8. Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and safety standards governing the handling, storage, and application of agronomy products, including environmental regulations and worker safety guidelines.
  9. Maintain accurate records of sales transactions, customer interactions, agronomy recommendations, and inventory movements using electronic or paper-based record-keeping systems.
  10. Participate in industry events, trade shows, and community outreach activities to promote the company's agronomy products and services, build brand awareness, and network with customers and stakeholders.