Agronomy Laborer

  • Agricruit
  • Waldo, OH, USA
  • Apr 14, 2024
Full-time Agronomy General Labor

Job Description

  1. Assist agronomists and farm managers with various field and crop management tasks, including planting, cultivating, spraying, harvesting, and crop scouting.
  2. Perform manual labor tasks such as operating hand tools, shoveling, lifting, and carrying equipment and materials to support agronomic operations.
  3. Conduct field scouting activities to monitor crop health, identify pests, diseases, and weeds, and assess crop growth stage and development.
  4. Assist with soil sampling and testing activities to assess soil fertility, nutrient levels, and pH balance, following established protocols and procedures.
  5. Assist with the setup, calibration, and operation of agronomic equipment such as sprayers, spreaders, and soil sampling tools, under the guidance of experienced personnel.
  6. Apply fertilizers, pesticides, and other agronomic inputs as directed, following label instructions, safety protocols, and environmental regulations.
  7. Maintain cleanliness and organization of work areas, equipment, and storage facilities, including cleaning and servicing equipment after use to ensure proper functioning and longevity.
  8. Assist with irrigation system setup, operation, and maintenance activities, including checking water levels, monitoring irrigation schedules, and repairing leaks or malfunctions.
  9. Participate in training programs and professional development opportunities to enhance job skills, knowledge of agronomy practices, and awareness of safety protocols.
  10. Adhere to safety guidelines, environmental regulations, and company policies in all aspects of job performance, including proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and adherence to chemical handling procedures.