Fleet Mechanic

  • Agricruit
  • Pulaski, WI, USA
  • Apr 14, 2024
Full-time Ag Equipment Ag Mechanics/Diesel Technician

Job Description

  1. Perform routine maintenance tasks on fleet vehicles, including oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and brake inspections, to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  2. Diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic issues in fleet vehicles, including engines, transmissions, brakes, steering systems, and suspension components, using diagnostic tools and equipment.
  3. Conduct preventive maintenance inspections and service intervals on fleet vehicles, following manufacturer guidelines and service schedules to prevent breakdowns and extend vehicle lifespan.
  4. Perform tune-ups, adjustments, and component replacements on fleet vehicles to optimize performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions compliance, while minimizing downtime and repair costs.
  5. Fabricate or weld metal components as needed to repair or modify fleet vehicles, ensuring structural integrity and adherence to safety standards.
  6. Maintain accurate records of maintenance and repair work, including parts used, labor hours, and diagnostic findings, using electronic or paper-based documentation systems.
  7. Respond promptly to service calls and emergency breakdowns, troubleshooting vehicle problems, and providing roadside assistance or towing services as needed to minimize disruptions to fleet operations.
  8. Coordinate with fleet managers, dispatchers, and drivers to prioritize repair needs, schedule maintenance appointments, and communicate repair status and completion times.
  9. Order and maintain inventory of spare parts, tools, and supplies needed for fleet maintenance and repair activities, ensuring adequate stock levels and timely replenishment to support operations.
  10. Adhere to safety protocols, environmental regulations, and company policies in all aspects of job performance, including proper handling of hazardous materials and disposal of waste products.